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USB2Air Release Schedule


The USB2Air will be the industries first wireless USB 2.0 extension system built for 1080p video transmission. Here is our published release schedule:

  1. December 2016 – Conceptual Design
  2. January 2017 – Prototype
  3. February 2017 – Press Release
  4. March 2017 – Live Show & Kickstarter Launch
  5. April 2017 – Partner Webinar
  6. May 2017 – Product Delivery

February 23rd, 2017, HuddleCamHD® announces the release of a new Wireless USB 2.0 extension system shipping in Q2 of 2017. The product launch will start with a YouTube Live stream keynote delivery with chief engineer Matthew Davis, on February 24th at 10AM PST, 1PM EST. Immediately following the live product announcement HuddleCamHD will provide early adopters access to the product on Kickstarter.

“This is the first product HuddleCamHD has released where the wireless USB connectivity hasn’t been integrated directly into one of our products” says Director of Business Development, Paul Richards. “In 2015, we released the industry’s first wireless conference camera and in 2016 we released the industry’s first wireless USB 2.0 speakerphone… Now we want to broaden our reach by making our wireless technology available for thousands of potential devices for plug and play setup” says Richards. “The applications we have tested include wireless webcams, speakerphones, touch screens, printers, microscopes, virtual reality headsets and HDMI video transmission…” Richards continues “Because our wireless USB 2.0 extension adapters have been built for 1080p video, the system also works for lower bandwidth devices such as keyboards, USB hubs and audio chat pods.”

HuddleCamHD is a high quality USB video conferencing equipment operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Distributors include: Broadfield, Jenne, StarinAV, Stampede Global and JB&A. For more information visit

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Contact: Paul Richards


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