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Wireless USB 2 Resolution and Bandwidth Chart

Wireless USB 2.0 Bandwidth Chart

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As you can see from the video and audio, resolution/bandwidth chart we have above it is important to manage the amount of bandwidth your USB devices will consume. Especially when we are using a wireless signal. The USB2Air will support up to 30 Megabits per second which as you can see will allow multiple 1080p devices to operate on the same wireless channel. We create this bandwidth chart to help wireless USB extension users determine the amount of devices they can use with a USB hub.

As you can see the higher your video resolution the more bandwidth you will consume. For example, a 1080p high-quality video stream will consume 12 MBPs (Megabits per second) which is what you would expect from a regular HD webcam. Because the USB2Air has more bandwidth to spare in a situation like this you can also add additional USB 2.0 devices on a USB Hubs to extend the functionality of the wireless USB 2.0 extender. So, continuing with our example we still have 30 MBPs of Bandwdith – 12 MBPs of Bandwidth = 18 additional MBPs of bandwidth for additional USB devices. Therefore you can usually expect to able to wireless transmit two (2) 1080p video signals using a single USB2Air wireless extension system.

MAX Wireless USB 2 Distance

MAX Wireless USB 2 Distance

In my opinion, 30MBPs is a good deal of bandwidth and the more important specification is distance from each wireless transmitter and receiver. As you will see in our specifications the USB2Air wireless extension system is recommended for use at 5 meter or 15 feet. Our engineer Matthew Davis mentions that the transmitter and receiver can work at distances up to 20-25 feet (7-9 meters) but this will require perfect line-of-sight and is still not recommended for normal use.

Once you have determined the USB 2.0 devices that you will be using for wireless USB extension you should consider the distance between the USB2Air transmitters and receivers. Because this kit includes a USB 2 Hub which powers the transmitter you may also want to consider using a short USB 2.0 cable to maintain line of sight between the wireless recevier and transmitter.