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Wireless ClearONE Chat Pod

Wireless USB Spearkphones

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At your request we went out and test a whole bunch of USB audio devices to determine whether we could make them wireless. Here is the list we tested:

  1. ClearONE Chat 150
  2. Phoenix Audio Spider
  3. RevoLabs UC500
  4. Polycom CX600
  5. Polycom CX3000

All of our test were successful and we have videos you can watch to hear test recordings. The only small hiccup we found with Windows 10 was a simple one-time fix with the audio recordings settings in Windows. Once set properly, the USB drivers work perfect and we did not find this was necessary on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

Wireless ClearONE Chat 150

At your request, here we are again making more USB 2.0 audio conferencing devices wireless with the USB 2.0. The ClearONE Chat 150 speakerphones offer a USB 2.0 connection for audio conferencing on web-based software such as GoToMeeting, WebEX and Skype. Now you can connect the ClearONE chat 150 to the USB2AIR to create a wireless connection. In this video, we use the USB2AIR wireless USB extension system to make the ClearONE Chat150 wireless. This is a great way to take a high-quality USB conference phone and make the connection to it wireless! The USB2Air provides a wireless USB 2.0, low-latency, connection between our two transceivers up to 25′ (5-7 meters). This allows us to make various USB 2.0 devices wireless and we really wanted to show off test recordings from the ClearONE Chat 150!

Wireless Chat 150

Wireless Chat 150

As you can see the ClearOne Chat 150 is plugged into the USB2Air USB Hub via USB 2.0. This allows us to wirelessly send a high quality audio conferencing signal to our video conferencing software whether it be: Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEX, Zoom or other. We are also showing additional USB devices connected to show that we can have up to 4 devices so long as our overall bandwidth is under 30 Mbps.

Wireless ClearONE Audio Conference

Wireless ClearONE Audio Conference

In the real world scenario above, you can see that the ClearOne Chat 150 is placed on the conference room table. Traditionally we would have to run USB 2.0 extension cabling to the table in order to connect the conference phone to our PC. There are different conference room “soft client” PC-Based video conferencing configurations but this is a very common one here. As you can see the USB2Air wireless USB 2.0 extension system makes for an easy deployment of the ClearONE Chat 150 speakerphone.

Wireless Phoenix Audio Spider

In this video, we review how to make the Phoenix Audio speakerphones wireless with the new USB2Air. The USB2Air is a wireless USB 2.0 extension system which we will plug into the Phoenix Audio spider to make wireless. This process could not be easier but does require a Windows PC. Once we plug the USB 2.0 wireless transceivers into our laptop and the speakerphone we have a wireless USB 2.0 connection.

Wireless Phoenix Audio Spider

Wireless Phoenix Audio Spider

As you can see above the Phoenix Audio Spider is just one of the USB 2.0 speakerphone available today that we can make wireless with the USB2Air. In fact, we are showing multiple devices connected the USB2Air to demonstrate how easily you can use the USB2Air with a USB 2.0 Hub. The wireless connection from the USB2Air transmitter and receiver allow users to connect multiple devices far away from their computer (up to 25′) and have the USB devices perform as if they were connected directly via USB 2.0.

Wireless Conference Phone USB 2.0

Wireless Conference Phone USB 2.0

As you can see in this use case diagram, having the ability to make the connection to your Phoenix Audio Spider wireless will make integration in a conference room or meeting space much easier. We can now create a direct wireless link between the Phoenix Audio spider and any Windows based computer for up to 30 Mbps. Many professional audio visual integrators would traditionally suggest a core-hole or under the carpet cabling solution to provide USB connectivity at a conference table. Now we can provide USB 2.0 connectivity up to 25′ between transceivers completely wirelessly.

Wireless Revolabs UC500

In this video, we demonstrate one of the industries top speakerphones: the Revolabs UC500 with the USB2Air. The USB2Air is a wireless USB 2.0 extension system that allows us to make various USB devices wireless. Making the Revolabs UC speakerphone line wireless is huge benefit for Professional audio visual installation and DIY video conferencing setups because it eliminates the cabling needed between the computer and the speakerphone. Traditionally, users would have to plug the Revolabs UC500, UC1000 or UC1500 into power and USB 2.0 to a computer for complete operation. While the unit still needs power the larger obstacle to successful integration is usually the long USB cabling being run to the computer across the room.

Wireless RevoLabs UC500

Wireless RevoLabs UC500

As you can see from the picture above the Revolabs UC speakerphone can now have a wireless connection to the Windows PC (Intel NUC shown) for video conferencing applications. One of the important features available on the USB2Air is near zero latency. The computer really acts just like a regular USB cable has been connected from the Revolabs UC500 even though it is now wireless. The range on the USB2Air is 25′ so this is really a small to medium sized room deployment option. Some professional audio visual integrators have been using USB 2.0 extensions between each wireless receiver to increase the effective range which is great. The most important part of making the USB2Air work flawlessly is line-of-sight setup.


The USB2Air is certainly a proven solution for wirelessly extending USB 2.0 audio conferencing devices. The primary value-add is ease of installation and setup for conference room and training rooms. Which the USB2Air provides a wireless USB connection for spearkphones there are still additional USB ports that can be used at the table for extra USB devices. Please let us know if you have other use cases your would like us to test for you!

USB2Air with Computer

Wireless USB Webcam to Laptop – Point to Point Simplicity

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Wireless USB Webcam to Laptop

One of the most useful applications for the USB2Air is the point to point wireless USB connection between a laptop and a USB 2.0 webcam. Conferencing spaces around the world have to decide whether they will have a dedicated PC powering the television or allow users to bring their own devices known as (BYOD). In the dedicated PC application where the IT managers have a dedicated PC powering the display, there is often a speakerphone at the table used for video conferencing. In this scenario, the USB2Air can be used to wirelessly connect the speakerphone to the dedicated PC. In the BYOD scenario, the USB2Air can be used to connect a laptop to the USB webcam mounted on the wall.

Laptop with Wireless USB Connection

As you can see the Wireless USB 2.0 transmitter is labeled “Host”. The USB2Air includes a set of USB 2.0 adapters. One is labeled “Host” which is used to plug into the computer and the other is labeled “Device” which is used for the webcam in this case.

We have tested various USB video conferencing webcams such as:

  1. Logitech C920
  2. HuddleCamHD 3X
  3. HuddleCamHD 3XA
  4. HuddleCamHD 10X-720
  5. Logitech PTZ Pro

We have also tested various USB speakerphones such as

  1. Jabra Speak 410
  2. Phoenix Audio MT503
  3. Phoenix Audio Smart Spider
  4. Phoenix Audio MT505

USB Web Video Conferencing Market

Large Meeting Room with Wireless Camera

Large Meeting Room with Wireless Camera

Whether you are using the USB2AIR wireless USB extension system with Webcams or Speakerphones the USB web video conferencing market has been a focus for HuddleCamHD for many years. Wireless USB extension systems in particular has been a specialty with the invention of the industries first ever Wireless USB 3.0 conference camera, the HuddleCam Air in 2015. Then in 2016, HuddleCamHD released the HuddlePod which is the industries first 2.4 GHz wireless USB conferencing phone.

Plug and Play goes Wireless

HuddleCamHD has been a huge advocate for plug and play simplicity. In 2014, when HuddleCamHD had a full line of USB conferencing equipment most vendors were still promoting traditional hardware codecs and HDMI cameras. While these cameras and video conference codecs are certainly high quality, they lack the easy installation and use that USB devices offer. The entire line of HuddleCamHD products has always been focused on USB technology from USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connection for both video and audio.

Wireless USB 2.0 PTZ Camera (1)

Wireless USB 2.0 PTZ Camera

Other use cases – Wireless USB 2.0 Touch Screens

While the wireless USB extension of webcams and speakerphones remains the focus of HuddleCamHD for the dedicated web video conferencing market, there are also other use cases in the same space. For example, we have tested multiple USB touch screen monitors from Mimo that work great such as the 10.1″ Mimo Vue HD. This device is a USB monitor that can be used to launch applications for video conferencing and collaboration much like a Crestron or Extron control system. Because the device uses a USB 2.0 connection for video and control the USB2Air works perfectly for wireless extension. The “Host” USB 2.0 extension adapter plugs into the computer and the “Device” USB 2.0 adapter connects directly into the output connection for the touch screen. The computer literally has no idea that the cabling has been transmitted wirelessly.

Wireless USB Reliability for video conferencing

Video conferencing is a high bandwidth video intensive software and hardware solution. From a software standpoint most newer web based video conferencing platforms are leveraging both harware processing and cloud / server based processing. This means that the computer you are using is just as important as your internet connection (usually an i5 processor is suggested). Assuming you have all of the latest hardware and software in place, the last thing you want is your wireless USB 2.0 extension system causing issues.

With the USB2AIR you can be assured that HuddleCamHD has gone through extensive testing. Our datasheet outlines all the necessary information for flawless wireless USB 2.0 video and audio transmission within the given limitations of the device. The USB2Air will be the third successful wireless USB product HuddleCamHD has brought to market. Our engineers have spent ample time testing the limitation of this device and outlining the details in our data sheet and knowledge base.

For more detailed information on wireless USB 2.0 extension limitations please refer to our knowledge base available at